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Romeo and Juliet Study Guide

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Getting a little frustrated with Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?

You've tried online study guides, but they're--dare I say--more boring than the play. It's time for a straight-forward Romeo and Juliet Study Guide that contains all that stuff you know your teacher's gonna ask you about. A Real Study Guide for Real People!

Here's what's included:

  • Scene-by-Scene and Day-by-Day Summaries
  • Character Analysis of All Major and Minor Characters
  • Tons of Literary Devices Examples
  • A Detailed Explanation and Analysis of The Prologue and Balcony Scene
  • A Special Glimpse into the Mind of Friar Lawrence
  • Definitions and Examples of Literary Elements in Shakespeare's Plays
  • Tips for Understanding Shakespeare

If you're trying to say the right thing during the next class discussion, ace the next quiz, or really want to learn how to understand Shakespeare, this is it.

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