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British Romantic Poets Teaching Guide

British Romantic Poets Teaching Guide

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The British Romanticism Teaching Guide includes an overview of British Romanticism and an analysis of selected poems by William Blake, William Wordsworth. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Lord Byron, Percy Shelley and John Keats. In addition to explanation and analysis of these poems, you'll find a ton of lesson plans, notes, graphic organizers with answer keys, quiz with answer key, rubrics, and more.

With 19 poems and 89 pages of solid gold lesson plans and other items, there's easily enough here for a 2-4-week unit.

Poems in the unit include

  1. "Ode: Intimations on Immortality" by William Wordsworth
  2. "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" by William Wordsworth
  3. "The World is Too Much With Us" by William Wordsworth
  4. "The Lamb" by William Blake
  5. "The Tyger" by William Blake
  6. "The Chimney Sweeper" from Songs of Innocence by William Blake
  7. "The Chimney Sweeper" from Songs of Experience by William Blake
  8. "Kubla Kahn" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  9. "She Walks in Beauty" by Lord Byron
  10. "So We'll Go No More a Roving" by Lord Byron
  11. "Love's Philosophy" by Percy Shelley
  12. "Ozymandias" by Percy Shelley
  13. "To Solitude" by John Keats
  14. "Bright Star" by John Keats
  15. "Ode on a Grecian Urn" by John Keats
  16. Ode to a Nightingale" by John Keats
  17. "Ode on Melancholy" by John Keats
  18. "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer" by John Keats
  19. "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" by John Keats


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